Sunday, 8 December 2013


I seem to have turned into a "junkie", constantly in need of a Camino  fix. Relentlessly, I look at maps and photos, plan routes, talk to other pilgrims and just generally fantasize about a new Camino experience. I know I am not alone with this type of behaviour, well, at least I have convinced myself of that.
Of course this affects my song writing, and more than just a little. Below is a list of the 12 tracks which will more than likely come together as Steeltown Pilgrim Vol. 2, probably early in the spring, 2014. I have added a brief note to point out the "Camino connection" of each song.

Camino Sunset
written for and to my dearest  fellow pilgrim, the one who introduced me to the Camino.

Hello, Spanish Love
written, as promised, for a new friend and pilgrim while at Tapia de Casariego on El Norte.

Storm In Muxia
Galician mythology, geology, justice, love and more--song written partially in Muxia, finished up in Steeltown.

If You Ever Feel The Way I Do
about my longing for a woman who was walking El Norte while I was home and very much alone.

Fly With Me Angelina
inspired by a conversation with a young lady on the Camino Portuguese.

Bring Me One More Bottle, Senorita
came up with the title on Camino Frances-song written entirely on El Norte a year later

Big Max, Indy And The Preacher from Wyoming
inspired by my two pilgrim friends and our bizarre encounter with the "Preacher from Wyoming" on El Norte.

Where Are You, Lost Love?
written for and to a fellow pilgrim, the one who introduced me to the Camino.

Carmen By The Sea
written entirely on El Norte  for Carmen.

Who We Are
the "we" is me and my dearest Camino friend--written in Steeltown.

Song For Angel
written about a woman I met on El Norte - written about four months after I came home.

Fall So Far
wrote this on a hiking trip is northern Ontario while my ailing Camino friend was resting indoors.

Well, there you have it. My addiction now calls--- think I'll go chat a bit on The Camino Santiago Forum ( Thanks for listening,
peace, love

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  1. If it's any consolation, you are truly not the only one who thinks about the Camino all the time!!